Grey day

August softly comes, all clad in grey

A hue of calm, though, rather than of gloom.

An atmosphere of slow; a sleepy day

This seems to be. The rain clouds loom

But do not yet with water douse the ground.

Between these clouds does sunlight show its face

It dimly lights the trees with flowers crowned

And their leaves about; a veil of lace.

Inside, then re emerging, there is now

The fragrance of renewal; the refrain,

Rhythmic beats from every branch and bough –

Water drops, the sound of recent rain.

Each detail so ordained by one above

Who breathed to make, and now sustains in love.

Utter dependence

You breathed life into me

And by your will

I continue to draw breath

You formed me

And by your will

I remain

My heart beats

Blood flows

Neurones fire

Because you decide they will

Without you, I can do nothing

I think it’s me who holds it all together

I think I can do it on my own

I think I can do or be everything

But it isn’t me at all

It is you who holds all things

Everything that happens

Good or bad

Is within your control

Nothing surprises you

Not even my own dysfunction

Not even my constant rebellion

Not even my forgetful heart

Like manna in the desert

You provide for me daily

Your grace is sufficient

For my every daily need

My I rely on your providence

Come thirsty to you

And not be lured by my own

Supposed self-sufficiency


Father you provide my very breath

Eternally you have everything planned

Why then do I continue to believe

That I can hold the world within my hand?

Lord draw my eyes away from my own heart

Instead direct my gaze that I may see

You, only, always, giver of my life

The God who ever is sustaining me

My arms are weary; I strive to stay afloat

These waters I traverse are getting rough

But you say to my forgetful heart,

“Be still, my child, for my grace is enough.”

The truth

Whispering doubts

(waves in an unsteady sea)

Why do they sound more real than truth?

What is it

that makes them so enticing?

Somehow they

are comforting in their familiarity


Quiet my heart

Still my soul

That I may see the truth


An outstretched hand

A certain hope

A Father’s smile



My heart it often wanders

Why can’t it simply stay?

Why must it be divided

So easily drawn away?


I go in search of closeness

Of something to hold tight

But all the things I reach for

Just melt into the night


But then I hear your voice

It’s gentle and it’s clear:

“Daughter, here, come home,

Where your heart belongs is here.


“You are so very precious,

You are honoured in my sight,

I’ve brought you out of darkness

So that you may live in light.


“I love you and I’ve bought you

That you might be my own

I’ve given you a heart of flesh

Where once resided stone.


“Over you I do rejoice

And take delight in you,

Come take my hand, beloved,

I am here to help you through.”


You constantly remind me

Of your presence and your love.

May these daily gifts of mercy

Keep my eyes on things above.


My heart still wants to wander,

Drawn away by worldly charms.

Jesus, keep me firm beside you

And enfold me in your arms.